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For ponds up to 35000 litres or 7,500 gallons

Velda introduces a revolutionary product which tackles the algae problem with lasting results. The core of the I-Tronic consists of an anode made of a copper alloy and a cathode of stainless steel. The operating unit, which is microprocessor controlled, generates electric pulses, as a result of which positively charged copper ions are released. Thus forming a natural killer of both fibrous and slimy algae. Results ae quite amazing, simply run at low levels for constant control or dose as necessary. Replacement copper anodes are very reasonable to buy and should last 1-2 years. Fits pipe sizes up to 1.5"

By means of an operating display, which is controlled by a microprocessor, electric pulses are generated, which are guided to the core of the I-Tronic. These pulses ensure an exchange as a result of which positively charged copper ions are released. This process is also referred to as mineralization. In a specific concentration these ions, which are also designated as minerals, are a natural killer of algae. The specific concentration of copper ions to remove fibrous algae and to stop their growth, ranges between 0.2 and 0.3 ppm.
This concentration is absolutely safe for humans, animals and plants. For example, by the European potable water decree a concentration of 2 ppm is allowed maximum in drinking water. In normal pond water, at a pH value of 7 or more, the above concentration will rarely exceed the value of 0.3 ppm, even if the I-Tronic would be used continuously. So, on the one hand the equipment is working safely both for flora and fauna in a pond, however, on the other the concentration it supplies is adequate to stop awkward growth of algae.
An additional advantage of the use of the I-Tronic equipment is that the pond water will become healthy and will spread a neutral fresh odour.