Velda Bacterial pond filter bacteria 200ml treats 4400galls

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In dry form it has an unlimited shelf life Bacterial contains nitrifying bacterial cultures in lyophilized form. If a pack of Bacterial of 50 ml will be added to pond water, within 24 hours over 20 thousand million mainly nitrifying bacteria will be produced. Although they are very small in size, and invisible for the human eye, these bacteria are indispensable for nearly any form of life on earth. This also applies for our garden ponds

In a newly sunk pond it will take four to six months until micro-organisms and bacteria have increased to such an extent that it can be maintained that there question of a bacterial balance. Bacterial gives nature a helping hand. The lyophilized bacteria which Bacterial contains can be simply mixed with the soil material or distributed over the water surface. An excellent way to apply the product is to add also a dose of Bacterial to the filter material. within 24 hours ca 20 thousand million mainly nitrifying bacteria will be produced, which will quickly provide a natural balance in the pond. Bacterial has an unlimited shelf life in dry form and it expedites and fortifies the development of the biological equilibrium in the pond. Bacterial stimulates plant growth and has a decelerating effect on algal growth. Besides, it provides a clear and healthy pond environment.

Product Packaging Suitable for
Bacterial 50 ml 5000 l pond water
Bacterial 200 ml 20,000 l pond water
Bacterial 1000 ml 100,000 l pond water