Xterminator 27,000

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Super anti-blanket weed product

Using technology developed by NASA, this device eradicates blanket weed quickly and safely. It works by the method of electro mineralisation, by which small amounts of copper are diffused through the pond water. This kills blanket weed but allows other pond plants to thrive.
The Xterminator achieves the mineralisation process by passing an accurately measured controlled harmless low voltage impulse current through a copper core (the anode), which is surrounded by a stainless steel shroud(the cathode) the electrical impulse charge passes between these two. As the electrical impulse travels between the anode and the cathode the copper anode begins to "dissolve" giving off a controlled measured safe diffusion of copper that is absorbed by the Blanketweed, thus eliminating it from the pond.

Before use the pond water should be tested using the test kit provided. It may be necessary to adjust the pH or hardness of your pond water. The Xterminator is floated on the surface of the pond anchored as required by a piece of cord through the anchor point.

The Xterminator operates at low voltage and is supplied with a weatherproof transformer. It has LED lights on the top which display the status of the unit. The unit is run for a number of days depending on the volume of the pond or until the first signs of blanket weed death whichever comes first. There are three models available for different size ponds. Multiple units may be used if your pond volume is bigger than 27,300 litres (6,000 Galls). Can be housed in filterbox or in pool (just make sure of a good water flow around unit. Suitable for ponds up to 27300lts/ 6000gls