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King British pond plant food 250 ml

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250 ml treats up to 500 gallons (2250 litres) easy to use liquid.

This specially developed formula includes essential nutrients in the form of trace elements required by aquatic plants to encourage healthy growth.

As well as being particularly beneficial for fine-leafed oxygenating plants Aquatic Plant Food is also ideal for marginal plants and for encouraging the growth of colourful flowering lilies. As well as adding to the beauty of your pond plants also help improve water quality. By absorbing nitrate plants utilise the nutrients that would otherwise result in unwanted algae growth. Plants also provide shade from the sun thus helping prevent algae blooms and the growth of blanket weed.

Aquatic Plant Food does not contain any nitrate or phosphate that would otherwise encourage unwanted algae growth. When planting up your pond plants it is important to use a good quality specialist aquatic compost. It is not advisable to use multi-purpose compost as the higher levels of nitrogen can lead to algae growth.

Use Aquatic Plant Food: At two-weekly intervals during the growing season from March to October.