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  1. Developed to promote Shiroji as white as snow. Includes uniquely selected ingredients eliminating those which might cause yellowing over time. (Shiroji is the white areas of koi)
  2. A traditional Japanese health food, extract of “pickled Japanese apricot”,naturally contains Apricot-Polyphenol and higher levels of Citric Acid which help maintain efficient metabolism in Nishikigoi,an important step in developing desirable Shiroji.
  3. Milled Sesame Seed contains desirable antioxidants which help develop improved gross and luster.
  4. This highly digestible formula allows feeding at lower water temperatures making it deal for use during the winter show season.
  5. The inclusion of Hikari-Germ™, a live (viable) naturally occurring living microorganisms help promote extremely efficient nutrient utilization and improved feed efficiency.
  6. Hikari-Germ™ rapidly takes priority in the intestine and utilizes nutrients bad bacteria require to survive thereby reducing their propagation and potential to negatively impact your fish.