Kockney koi superior mix 5kg. Jumbo pellet Mix re-weighed into a bag

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Re-wieghed into a 5kg bag.Jumbo Pellet

With added Spirulina and vitamin c

Superior Jumbo Mix Fish Food - This complete fish food is a mixture of 16mm and 22mm pellets. Like all Kockney Koi foods it has added vitamin C to improve your fish's immune system. Feeding the smaller fish with a larger pellet encourages the fish to spend a greater time at the surface, making them tamer and enhancing the beauty of your pond

Ingredients : Soya, wheat, rice, poultry meal, fish meal, maize, wheatgerm, bran, vitamins and minerals + spirulina. Typical analasis ~ protein 31%, oil 6%, fibre 3%. contains vitamin A, D3 and E.

Feed as much as fish will consume in around 3-5 minutes.