• Description
Medikoi Sturgeon food is a 4.5mm sinking pellet which provides top quality nutrition, Medikoi Sturgeon gives a healthy sustained growth with less waste than other brands. Medikoi Sturgeon food is also safe for other species of fish which will also find this food highly palatable due to the inclusion of low heat treated highly nutritious fishmeal. In addition Medikoi Sturgeon food contains minerals, essential fatty acids (EFA’s) vitamins and amino acids in specially calculated proportions to provide your fish with all the nutrients it needs to grow healthily. We recommend and use Medikoi sturgeon food in our retail premises.
Medikoi Sturgeon food provides comprehensive instructions on how to optimise your feeding method to ensure your sturgeon and other bottom feeding fish can obtain their fair quota of food year round in a mixed species pond. The highly digestible diet formulation of Medikoi Sturgeon foodmeans it can be fed from 5°C with minimal pollution to ensure optimum filtration and a cleaner pond for other species of fish such as Koi which may be present in the pond