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The Hozelock Aquaforce solids handling pumps have been specifically designed for filtration, waterfalls or watercourses.

The Hozelock Aquaforce range has improved flow rates to ensure water clarity and waterfall power are optimised. The range also has improved wattages to ensure reduced running costs.
The motors feature a water-cooling system, which ensures that the pumps are kept at a constant temperature and reduce the risk of overheating. Ceramic bearings along with thrust washers ensure the motors are ultra reliable. The Hozelock Aquaforce has a considerably increased cage surface area, which allows the maximum amount of waste to be collected and pumped to the filter system. It also means that the cage is far less likely to clog, which will save the consumer from constant cleaning. Max flow 8000 Lph
Max head 4 Metres
100 Watt power consumption
Outlet hose connection: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2"

All Aquaforces come with a wildlife protection insert that allows the inlet solids diametre from 6mm/10mm (dependant on model) to 2mm. This prevents wildlife such as tadpoles, newts and small fish getting into the cage.
The larger Aquaforces (6000, 8000, 12000 & 15000) are all able to operate amphibiously. The larger models (6000, 8000, 12000, 15000) feature a second inlet, which allows the operation of an optional skimmer or satellite filter. Additionally the included flow control also allows adjustment of the flow of water to the filter or waterfall.

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