Goldfish foods

Feeding your fish

 Goldfish and carp are cold blooded and their metabolism is controlled via water temperature. The colder it is the slower they move. So start feeding your fish gradually, usually from middle to end of February.

Sturgeons and sterlets usually feed all winter long so don’t forget them, use sinking pellets..

As the weather changes and becomes warmer, fish usually rise to the surface layers looking for food. The usual temperature to start feeding is above 48°f. or 9°c.

Use a reliable thermometer.


Your first feed of the year should be either a good quality wheatgerm stick or pellet. Koi sticks or Koi pellets should only be fed from mid-April onwards. High protein feed does not digest easily and passes straight through the fishes system. Uneaten fish food will simply lead to pollution and poor water quality.

Feed only as much food as will be eaten in around 15 to 30 minutes. Net off excess and discard.

Top tips. Always feed floating foods as sinking pellets cannot be monitored as easily.

Quick tip. Feed better quality food = less waste = less filter cleaning = healthier fish.