The super simple guide to koi, book

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Simple Guide To Koi. This title helps to prepare the novice for keeping koi by explaining their requirements in an easy to read format. A paperback book with 128 pages with full colour illustrations. Covering all aspects of koi keeping, including disease treatment.

The Water Garden Encyclopaedia

Few only left . A beautiful book (mad price)

The 'Water Garden Encyclopaedia' is written Philip Swindells and published by Interpet.

The book covers all aspects relating to this topic including:
Species of fish to put in your pond;  Building and landscaping;  Health and water quality;  Filtration and maintenance.
Here, in one superbly illustrated book, is all the knowledge you need to create the perfect water feature for your garden - from large, formal ponds to small container water pools ideal for a patio or balcony.

This books is crammed with inspirational ideas backed up by solid practical advice on how to set about designing and building the water garden of your dreams.
Publisher: Interpet.Type: Hardback

Pondmaster pond plants and their cultivation

Cheaper than a magazine !!! (few only)

The Pond Plants And Their Cultivation Book is an essential guide to the best plants to choose for their various positions in the garden pond, plus advice on cultivation and propagation. Colour photographs are included of more than 80 pond plants, from submerged oxygenators to glorious waterlilies and marginal plants. A hardback book.

Aquamaster, pond plants book

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a really great book on all aspects of pond plants, marginal plants, ploating, oxygenators, potting up, lilies etc, ( a star book!!!) 100's of colour photos.

Interpet guide to koi by Barry James

Expert advice on maintaining and displaying a collection of these most spectacular fishes: ornamental koi carp.

“Koi are brilliant coloured carp from Japan that are currently enjoying a popularity explosion around the world. Certainly, they need more care than average pond fish, but they provide a vivid spectacle in return. This forms an excellent introduction to their management and display”.

  • 100 colour photographs

  • 120 Pages
  • 20 illustrations

Interpet silver Koi book -steve hickling.

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By Steve Hickling, Mick Martin, Bernice Brewster and Nick Fletcher.

A colourful and comprehensive celebration of these beautiful ornamental fish.

Back Cover info - "Throughout this major new publication, the authors - all experts in their own fields - have delved deeper than in any other equivalent book. The result is that the facts are not only clearly explained but are backed up with the relevant scientific reasoning so the reader can truly understand the whole picture. This applies as much to the biological and chemical processes involved in maintaining water quality as it does to the protein content of the best foods to keep Koi healthy and growing. This valuable resource of information is illustrated with the finest colour photographs and computer graphics that reveal the working principles of filters and other equipment in stunning quality. The hobby has changed markedly over the past tweny years and this book reflects current thinking and the latest technical advances"

Interpet manual of fish health

An excellent choice for the beginner to enthusiast, we have used this as a reference guide in our retail shop for years and still do. Simple yo use and concise, 208 pages, 300 colour photographs, page size: 240 x 167mm

Interpet guide to garden ponds

An easy-to-follow practical guide to constructing, stocking and maintaining a pond in your garden. Planning a garden pond raises many questions. How big? Where to put it? What fishes and plants to stock it with? This colourful guide answers all these questions and more with a clear practical approach that will encourage everyone with a garden or even just a patio to embark on their first pond with absolute confidence.
* 120 pages
* 20,000 words *
50 illustrations
*20 colour photographs
Author: David Papworth