Heron and Cat scarers


Decoy Heron

Stands Approx 30" tall and comes complete with mounting stake. Place around pond and move peridocally. Real Herons feed in solitary so hopefully will keep flying to another pond. Extremely lifelike, made from robust plastic, hand painted finish for real looks.

Jetspray wildlife repeller

Connects to hosepipe

Easy set up using battery power and quick fit hose couplings Instant results on a broad range of nuisance animals Target species include cat, dog, fox, rabbit, squirrel and Heron Adjustable PIR Sensor up to 10 metre coverage Protects ponds and gardens 2 year warranty + Customer Service Support. Simply insert batteries (4 x AA) and connect to hosepipe. Audible click and sprays for approx 5 seconds

Velda pond protector

Velda pond protector a new, quite efficient method to keep herons and cats away from a pond. By stretching a harmless electric fence, herons are prevented from approaching a pond and from catching valuable fish from that pond. The transformer gives off a low voltage (and harmless) electric pulse to the fence round the pond. When they touch it, not only herons but also cats are shocked and will avoid the pond in the future.Complete kit easy to fit.

Velda pond Guard

The ultimate protection
for your fish stock
The Pond Guard Shuffle protects your pond fish against herons and cats by means of glaring flashes of light and penetrating noise of animals of prey, including an ultrasonic sound which is inaudible for men. By installing this unique Pond Guard on the edge of the pond you will trigger an immediate flight response that will stop cats and herons getting close to the pond and so catching all your valuable fish.

Pond protectors

A system of interlocking, floating net rings protect your pond and fish from predators such as herons and cats without causing an eyesore as traditional netting can.

The pond guard is designed to protect the perimeter of your pond, leaving the centre open. It is virtually invisible from just a few meters away and each piece interlocks in seconds to fit any shape pond. Easily removed for cleaning.

Contains 30 octagonal nets.


Length 30cm (11.8 inches) Width 27cm (10.6 inches) which cover 2.43 square metres (26 sq.ft).
Colour: Black