Nets (for catching fish)


Supa 4 in 1 Pond Care Kit, net in a box.

2 nets and a brush, super tool for ponds.
A complete net and handle set, comprises 1 x extending handle- telescopic extends to 1.5m / 59". Sturdy construction of handle. Brush tool for cleaning pipes, blanketweed from waterfalls etc, anywhere that can be brushed. Large deep pan net for catching fish 14" square (35cm) deep holding to prevent fish from leaping out after catching. Knotless mesh. Plus also includes a round 12" (30cm) diameter fine skimmer net, ideal for lifting out duckweed, leaves and debris. See more images below

Koi sock 14" fixed metal handle.

48" long koi sock, heavy duty plastic handle. Ideal for handling lagre koi, sturgeon etc. Simply catch fish head-first holding the far end of net, move to new container and release end of net allowing the fish to pass through, silk type of material so no caught fins.

JBl Coarse Pond net for catching fish

Coarse net for catching fish


With extending handle.

JBl Fine Pond net for skimming off leaves etc from pond

Fine net for skimming off leaves etc from pond


With extending handle.

Large plastic bag for transporting Fish. Sold in singles

Large clear plastic bag.

£1.00 per bag