Cloverleaf Chlorine Answer 250ml

Cloverleaf Chlorine Answer

For use in new ponds and water changes.
Use 10ml per 182litres (40gal).

Conditions tap water, removes impurities that are present in drinking water that can be harmful to fish and the aquatic environment use when filling a new pond with water or after water changes should also be used when topping up to replace water that has evaporated.

Premium Sturgeon Food 5kg 2mm pellet

Our Quality Sturgeon Food, Supplied in a bag for cost effectiveness.

Suitable for all size sturgeon.

Feed to Sturgeon all year round.

Feed 2-3 times daily, as much as fish will consume within a few minutes.

The metabolism of the fish is greatly reduced as water temperature falls. Do not feed if the water temperature falls below 10 degrees.

Compostion: Wheat, Fishmeal, Soya (dehulled, extracted, toasted ), Fish oil, spray dried hemoglobin powder, Gluten, Fat, Palm oil. This product contains preservatives.

Crude protein 34.0%, Crude Fat 15.0%, Crude Fibre 2.3%, Crude Ash 6.6%, Phosphorus, Calcium 1.4%, Sodium 0.3% plus Vitamins.

Gloucester Seed Feeder 25.5 cm

Black and White Butterflies design.

Gloucester Seed Feeder

Traditional style tube seed feeders available in a either a Butterfly or Ladybird design.

Larger picture_ hikari_saki_growth_5kg

Saki Growth Diet 500g medium pellet

New Size, ideal to feed during summer to put healthy weight on your fish.
  1. A formulation offering a specialized blending of the finest proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and fats offering improved growth and desirable form.
  2. Rich in pure-cultured Spirulina and higher levels of Zeaxanthin offering vivid color-enhancement of the Hiban (red areas) with no negative impact on the Shiroji (white areas).
  3. Includes a probiotic, Hikari Germ. This unique, beneficial bacteria overpowers bad bacteria within the intestine reducing it's propagation and ability to lethally infect your fish. Additionally, the proprietary Hikari Germ accelerates the digestive process thereby improving absorption and thereby reducing waste output.
  4. Expect improved water quality and reduced filter maintenance when used as a daily diet.
  5. Expect improved luster, reduced fatalities and fat-deposit-free growth as a result of the perfect ingredient balance.

Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Crude Ash
min. 40% min. 9% max. 1% max. 10% max. 17%

Kockney koi superior mix 20kg. Jumbo pellet Mix

With added Spirulina and vitamin c

Superior Jumbo Mix Fish Food - This complete fish food is a mixture of 16mm and 22mm pellets. Like all Kockney Koi foods it has added vitamin C to improve your fish's immune system. Feeding the smaller fish with a larger pellet encourages the fish to spend a greater time at the surface, making them tamer and enhancing the beauty of your pond

Ingredients : Soya, wheat, rice, poultry meal, fish meal, maize, wheatgerm, bran, vitamins and minerals + spirulina. Typical analasis ~ protein 31%, oil 6%, fibre 3%. contains vitamin A, D3 and E.

Feed as much as fish will consume in around 3-5 minutes.

Supa 4 in 1 Pond Care Kit, net in a box.

2 nets and a brush, super tool for ponds.
A complete net and handle set, comprises 1 x extending handle- telescopic extends to 1.5m / 59". Sturdy construction of handle. Brush tool for cleaning pipes, blanketweed from waterfalls etc, anywhere that can be brushed. Large deep pan net for catching fish 14" square (35cm) deep holding to prevent fish from leaping out after catching. Knotless mesh. Plus also includes a round 12" (30cm) diameter fine skimmer net, ideal for lifting out duckweed, leaves and debris. See more images below
Hikari_saki pure white_5kg

Hikari saki -pure white-5kg. 5-5mm pellet

  1. Developed to promote Shiroji as white as snow. Includes uniquely selected ingredients eliminating those which might cause yellowing over time. (Shiroji is the white areas of koi)
  2. A traditional Japanese health food, extract of “pickled Japanese apricot”,naturally contains Apricot-Polyphenol and higher levels of Citric Acid which help maintain efficient metabolism in Nishikigoi,an important step in developing desirable Shiroji.
  3. Milled Sesame Seed contains desirable antioxidants which help develop improved gross and luster.
  4. This highly digestible formula allows feeding at lower water temperatures making it deal for use during the winter show season.
  5. The inclusion of Hikari-Germ™, a live (viable) naturally occurring living microorganisms help promote extremely efficient nutrient utilization and improved feed efficiency.
  6. Hikari-Germ™ rapidly takes priority in the intestine and utilizes nutrients bad bacteria require to survive thereby reducing their propagation and potential to negatively impact your fish.
supplied in clear bag, not jar as shown

Koi stoppers 4kg Bag( New Size )

Floating hand sized pellets

Supplied in a clear bag not tub as picture shows. 

Why not hand feed your fish. These easy to hold koi and goldfish treats are an ideal way of taming your fish.Simply miss a normal feed and try these instead. Average size = 15mm x 8mm.

ingredients. Cereals, fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein, extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, vital minerals and vitamins. In handy resealable jars. Protein 28%, oil and fats 3.5%, fibre 3.1% ash 5.9%, vitamin A, D3 and E.

JBL Pondsticks Classic 3.2kg

Floating food sticks for garden pond fish during the warmer time of year
  • Valuable plant fibres with vitamin complexes ensure a healthy digestive system and provide resistance to disease.
  • High plant concentrations correspond to the natural diet of many pond fish and make the food easier to digest, thereby reducing water pollution.
  • New: With a higher cereal concentration to cater even more to the vegetarian diets of goldfish and other pond fish.
  • Supplied in a bag
  • Tetra_4100g_Variety_Sticks

    Tetra variety sticks 4100 grams 25 litres

    35% off Tetra foods

    Feed TetraPond Variety Sticks 2-4 times a day (depending on the weather), feeding only as much as the fish will consume within a few minutes. Below 10°C, stop feeding TetraPond Variety Sticks and switch to TetraPond Wheatgerm Sticks. As a general rule, TetraPond Variety Sticks can be fed from March through to November. An excellent time to feed Variety Sticks is in the spring and autumn, just after and before a total switch to Wheatgerm Sticks. Provide your fish with a varied diet by feeding TetraPond Variety Sticks This new food provides a mixture of TETRAPOND FLOATING FOOD STICKS - to provide a highly nutritious staple food, TetraPond KOI STICKS - to enhance coloration, and TETRAPOND Wheat Germ STICKS - to promote health and vitality.